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I am certified in Stone, Masonry, and Ceramic Tile Cleaning.  People often do not think of cleaning their tile floors, showers, and counter tops.  This type of cleaning really has the "Wow Factor"! Customers are often amazed to find out they have a light colored grout instead of the dark gray, brown or even black grout that was actually dirt building up over the years. 

When people mop their tile floors they are basically pushing dirty water into the grout lines where it cannot be extracted with regular cleaning.  Showers build up soap scum, and hard water deposits that are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove with home remedies.  I can usually obtain fantastic results on these areas.  I use a two step process on your tile and grout cleaning.  First I spray the grout using an acidic grout cleaner and then agitate it with a special grout brush.  This process actually etches a minuscule layer off the surface of the grout.  I then extract the soils and prespray with a powerful hard surface cleaning wand that has brushes and two spinning pressurized jets along with suction. Next, I spray and agitate the same area with an alkaline tile cleaning agent which neutralizes what is left of the acidic cleaner and loosens the stuck on dirt form the tile.  I then rinse the entire floor with the same hot water extraction system.  Tile and grout floors, counter tops and showers dry very quickly, usually within 30 minutes.