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Carpet Cleaning

As a Journeyman Textile Cleaner certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, I pride myself on my carpet cleaning expertise. I have been told by many customers over the years that I was able to get their carpets cleaner than anyone has before. 

My "do not rush" and "work smart not hard" approach has served my customers well for years. I start off by vacuuming the carpet if necessary to remove any debris and solid soils. Next I apply a prespray that is prepared for each individual job, not every carpet requires the same spray. Some need more enzymes to break down protein soils, others require an oxygenated booster to brighten light colored carpets. If a deoderizer is necessary, I add that to the prespray at no additional charge to the customer. I then simply give the prespray some dwell time to loosen the soils in the carpet and bring them up to the surface. Next I perform a hot water extraction on the carpet. The trick to a good carpet cleaning is in the heat of the water. My system provides me with temperatures up to 250 degrees. I also run a fiber rinsing agent through the rinse water. This works much like fabric softener in your laundry and leaves the carpet with a soft fluffy feeling after the carpet dries. I extract 98% of the water and soils from your carpet leaving it only slightly damp. With good ventilation, the carpet should be dry in approximately 4 to 5 hours.