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Area Rug Cleaning

Along with being able to clean your synthetic area rugs in your home, Pristine Clean offers a unique service for your natural wool or silk area rugs.  I have developed a relationship with an area rug cleaning plant of excellent quality.  Due to the fact that I bring in so many area rugs to them they have extended me a very reasonable rate which I can then pass on to my customers.  I offer the service of coming to your home to collect the rugs and then deliver them back to you in pristine condition in approximately 7 to 10 days. 

I begin by removing any furniture from on top of the rugs, rolling them up for transport, and then returning your furniture to the same position.  Upon delivery I reinstall the rugs to their exact location and gently place the furniture back in their original position.  I also have high quality vinyl underlayments available for purchase that protect your hard wood floors, hold the rugs firmly in place so they will no longer slide around, and improve vacuuming air flow to keep your rugs cleaner longer.